Reports of dangerous driving up two-thirds compared to this time last year

Egress | 26th Nov 2021

London, UK - 26th November 2021 -

  • New data shows that police have received 60% more reports of serious driving offences compared to November 2020
  • The Police Portal now has nearly 38 of the UK’s 43 forces on board and has saved over 36 years of police time in total
  • West Mercia, Cumbria, Lincolnshire, Lancashire, and Wiltshire have seen the biggest increase in Portal submissions, with a 140% increase in the last three months.

The world’s leading Dash Cam brand, Nextbase, has seen a 60% increase in serious driving submissions to its National Dash Cam Safety Portal (NDCSP) in the last three months compared to this point last year.

The data shows that since coming out of lockdown, British motorists have been warier than ever of dangerous driving offences, and - despite a national lorry shortage, meaning clearer roads than usual - dangerous driving submissions on the Portal are on the rise.

Over the past 12 months, the Portal has also seen an 85% increase in submissions. By using the NDCSP system, the UK public has assisted police in identifying, warning and prosecuting offenders nationwide.

The platform, which was built to allow motorists to quickly and securely upload footage of serious driving offences to relevant police forces, aims to improve all-round road safety. In partnership with security software specialist, Egress – who is responsible for developing and delivering the platform’s technology - the company has also identified the UK police forces that have seen the biggest increase in Portal usage. Over the past three months, West Mercia is the UK’s top-performing region, seeing a 140% increase in submissions. It is closely followed by Cumbria, Lincolnshire, Lancashire, and Wiltshire.

Since its inception in 2018, the Portal has had over 39,000 uploads, which Nextbase can confirm has saved UK police forces over 36 years in processing time. The success of the Portal has seen two new forces adopt the system in the last three months, with South Yorkshire and Gloucester taking advantage of the Portal’s capabilities – taking the total number to 38 out of the UK’s 43 police forces (England and Wales, with Scotland reviewing the process for next year).

Bryn Brooker, Head of Road Safety at Nextbase, said, “These stats show that there has been a clear shift in the mentality of UK motorists in the last year. Coming out of lockdown, recent petrol shortages and lorry driver crises have all resulted in drivers taking more care in their own driving - whilst also showing more vigilance in the driving of those around them. By working together, we can identify those that shouldn’t be behind a wheel, and in turn, keep the roads safer. It is incredible to see the adoption of the Portal by two more UK police forces, taking our total to 40 forces, and we are confident that soon we will see the portal being used by all the UK’s forces.”

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