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Standard impersonation attack using Egress brand

by Egress
Published on 20th Sep 2022

An instance of standard brand impersonation using the Egress brand has been reported today.

We are investigating this incident and we can confirm that there is currently no evidence that Egress itself has been the victim of a phishing attack, and reports of an account takeover attack involving any Egress employee or any Egress users are false.

There is also no need for any Egress customer or user to take any action at this time.

Cyber criminals leverage many trusted and well-known brands to add legitimacy to their attacks. In the instance reported today, a phishing email was sent using an Egress Protect (email encryption) template.

We will provide further information as our investigation progresses.

If you are an Egress customer or free user and would like to talk to our Customer Service team about this, please get in touch with the team.

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