Nextbase & Egress project saves 170,000 hours of police time

Egress | 29th Oct 2020

London - 29th October 2020 - Forward-thinking Nextbase is unveiling the latest developments of its revolutionary National Dash Cam Safety Portal (NDCSP), developed and delivered in partnership with security software specialist Egress. The platform, which was built to allow motorists to quickly and securely upload footage of dangerous driving to relevant police forces, aims to improve all-round road safety.

And today, Nextbase - the UK’s leading Dash Cam manufacturer - can reveal the most up-to-date numbers behind the Portal.

Despite Covid-19, the system showed no sign of slowing down this year. The past 90 days have seen a total of 3,805 videos uploaded to the platform – 78% higher than average – despite lockdowns caused by Covid-19.

According to the new statistics, the 33 police forces currently using the NDCSP have received 21,324 uploads in total since 2018. Favoured by police for saving an average of eight hours per case, Nextbase can confirm its platform has saved these forces at least 170,000 hours. This is the equivalent of over 20 years of police time.

By using the NDCSP system, the public has assisted police in identifying, warning and prosecuting offenders nationwide. From court cases to awareness courses, or fixed penalty notices to warning letters, 52% of all cases have been taken further by the relevant force. The fact that fewer than one in five cases have resulted in no further action (NFA) demonstrates the success of the platform in identifying the most severe of incidents and linking motorists with police in a bid to crack down on this behaviour.

The growing success of the NDCSP has inspired further police forces to sign up to use the not-for-profit resource, and more constabularies set to join before the end of the year.

Kelly McCann, Sales Director at Egress, commented: “We have been working with Nextbase on the Portal for over two years now. It has been encouraging to watch the system grow from strength to strength, as we do really believe that this offering can help make the roads a safer place. We were a little surprised to see uploads continue to come through during lockdown, as there was less traffic on the roads, but it just goes to show that there were motorists that remained concerned for road safety and did their part to assist the authorities.”

Richard Browning, Director of Nextbase, added, “Just because there are less vehicles on the road, doesn’t necessarily make driving safer. In fact, less busy roads can encourage motorists to bend the rules or lose some concentration. However, the Portal was created to make our roads safer and it is encouraging to see that people have still been reporting issues where reckless motorists have thought that they can take advantage of the clear pathways – potentially endangering others. We have watched this platform grow from both a public and police perspective and are hugely encouraged by its continued appeal.”

About Nextbase

Forward-thinking Nextbase is a market-leader in connected car technology. The company commits to making a positive impact on people’s journeys and lives through its cutting-edge safety, security and smart innovations. The company is the largest smart Dash Cam brand in the world and the market’s prime mover, holding an over-80% share of the UK market by volume (GfK) and significant market shares in the USA and Europe. Sales of Dash Cams have increased by 850% in the past 4 years, making it one of the fastest-growing consumer tech sectors in the world. Nextbase smart Dash Cams have received widespread critical acclaim including several Which? Best Buy awards and awards from the likes of Sunday Times, The Daily Mail, The Independent, ​, Auto Express, What Car?,  Honest John, Tech Advisor and T3. 

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