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Guildford Borough Council 

Guildford Borough Council invests in Egress Email and File Protection to ensure security of confidential information when shared across the organisation and with external parties.

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Raleigh Neurology 

Egress enhances Raleigh Neurology Associates’ service toolkit with secure email communications.

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Thomson Snell & Passmore 

Law firm Thomson Snell & Passmore selects Egress to provide secure email encryption and enhanced operational efficiency.

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Perth Kinross 

Perth and Kinross Council selects Egress Protect to ensure sensitive information is communicated securely.

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Invicta Law 

Invicta Law saves a bundle with secure electronic delivery of court documentation.

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Healthcare RM 

Compliance-based email archiving is just what the doctor ordered for Healthcare RM.

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Epiphany Healthcare 

Egress gets an A+ for helping Epiphany Healthcare get a clean and secure bill of health.

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University of Westminster 

The University of Westminster selects Egress encryption services to communicate confidential student and employee data securely.

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