Customer story: Guildford Borough Council

Guildford Borough Council invests in Egress Protect to ensure security of confidential information when shared across the organisation and with external parties.
Published on 1st Mar 2021

Guildford Borough Council uses Egress Protect to securely send and receive sensitive information internally and with approved third parties. As the largest borough council within Surrey, Guildford Borough Council is responsible for delivering a variety of services such as community safety, housing, recycling, parking, tourism and leisure. The council works closely with its community and businesses.

As with all local authorities, much of the council’s work involves communicating classified sensitive information internally and with approved external organisations, such as police, health and social care services, and schools. In order to ensure this information remains protected even when shared beyond their organisation, Guildford Borough Council uses Egress Protect, which is CPA (Commercial Product Assurance) certified by UK Government. The solution enables council staff to encrypt all emails and attachments, including large files, to the highest data protection standards. Easy for end-users to use, integration with MS Outlook means they can access this functionality straight from their inboxes and it also free for their recipients to communicate securely with them.

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