Customer story: Quality Foster Care

Quality Foster Care selects Egress to protect highly sensitive case information shared electronically with third parties.
Published on 10th Nov 2021

Egress Software Technologies is delighted to announce that Quality Foster Care Ltd has chosen Egress Protect, the award winning encryption solution, to protect sensitive information shared with external third parties, including local authorities.

The challenge

Quality Foster Care prides itself on providing high-quality fostering services across the South East of England. As a result, the organisation regularly shares very sensitive, case-specific information involving children and their families with external third parties, including local authorities, social services and schools. Without the right levels of security and encryption, Quality Foster Care could risk the loss or breach of key information.

Tim Sheehan, a Director of Quality Foster Care Ltd, explains: “The work we do naturally involves very sensitive and important information that needs to be shared with our foster carers, independent workers and local authorities. How we share this information and what could happen to it after it has been sent is a constant concern for us. For example, if information is accidentally sent to the wrong recipient, or if that recipient accidentally loses that information, the responsibility lies with us and we have a duty of care not only to our service users but also to their personal data.”

The solution

Initially Quality Foster Care became aware of Egress Protect when sharing information with a London Borough that is one of a long list of local authorities already using the service. Egress Protect enables organisations and end-users to remain in control at all times when sharing information electronically with third parties. Using innovative ‘follow the data’ control and real-time auditing, users can control who receives information, what they can do with it, and if required, they can revoke the information if it has been sent in error. In addition, end-users and the organisation can see a full log of what information has been sent to whom.

“Having made the decision to purchase Egress Protect, we have been impressed with the ease of implementation and the ease of use for end-users. Often, the best judge of a new service is the feedback you receive from end-users, and so far, this has been positive.”

Tim Sheenan, Director, Quality Foster Care

Tim Sheehan continues: “After working closely with London Boroughs that use the service, we had seen first-hand how effective Egress Protect was at securing and controlling information shared with third parties. Having made the decision to purchase the solution, we have been impressed with the ease of implementation and the ease of use for end-users. Often, the best judge of a new service is the feedback you receive from end-users, and so far this has been positive.”

Kelly McCann, UK Sales Manager at Egress Software Technologies, comments: “We are delighted that Quality Foster Care has selected Egress Protect to secure the sensitive information they share with third parties. Our work with UK local authorities and their network of third party stakeholders demonstrates how organisations can use our software to effectively and securely share information with one another. In the case of Quality Foster Care, not only does this protect them from reputational damage and costly fines, but it also ensures that the sensitive information regarding children and their families is protected at all times. These are benefits that should help Quality Foster Care maintain the high quality of services that has become the cornerstone of their success and reputation as a leading fostering provider.”

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