Customer story: Certas Energy

Certas Energy protects sensitive information from data breach using Egress.
Published on 31st Oct 2021

Supplying domestic, commercial, agricultural and industrial customers, Certas Energy is one of the largest distributors of fuel and lubricants in Britain. Workingwithin a network of over 150 depots, 1,000 tankers, supplying 1,200 retail forecourts and 2,500 employees, Certas Energy delivers billions of litres of fuel every year.

The challenge

The complex nature of Certas Energy’s internal and external network of departments and approved third party partners means that often the easiest form of communication is email and electronic large file transfer. The business recognised that much of the information shared electronically could be commercially (and personally) sensitive, and communication via clear text email and standard FTP sites posed a threat to data protection.

“In order to improve information security, in 2013 Certas Energy decided to procure email and file encryption solutions,” explains Mark Butler, Senior Network & Applications Support Analyst. “Increasingly, our internal and external communications were going online in order to improve cost-effectiveness and productivity. As a result, Certas Energy employees share commercially sensitive documentation, such as partner contracts and clients’ personal information (for marketing and reporting purposes) via email and ad-hoc file transfer solutions.”

“One of the main reasons we chose Egress Protect was due to their ability to simplify and streamline data protection. In addition, Egress not only allows us to secure sensitive information shared with external third parties, but also with internal users by allowing us to encrypt data stored at rest on Exchange.”

Mark Butler, Senior Network & Applications Support Analyst, Certas Energy

The solution

In May 2012, Certas Energy approached Egress about its award-winning email and file transfer solutions. Understanding that Egress Protect could seamlessly integrate with their email client, Microsoft Outlook, Certas Energy recognised employees can be provided with data protection at the click of a button.

Egress VP Account Management Kelly McCann comments: “We are proud to have worked closely with Certas Energy over the last three years to ensure their employees have easy access to data protection measures. During this timeframe, we have seen information security, and in particular secure electronic communication solutions, rise up the agenda for enterprise organisations. As an early adopter of data protection measures in this space, Certas Energy can ensure they are using Egress to offer their clients a superior service and stand out from their competitors.”

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