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Email encryption

In today's climate of data security, it's a serious risk to go unencrypted. Find out how to protect your emails and share sensitive information without risk.

What is email encryption


How to encrypt emails in Microsoft 365

Sending emails via Microsoft 365? Learn how to encrypt them and keep your data safe.

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What’s a transport agent and how does it work?

Learn what a transport agent is and understand how it routes email messages between users and manages deliveries.


What is S/MIME: Everything you need to know

Learn how enabling S/MIME brings several advantages to your organization's email security. 

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Real-world email security – is TLS the answer?

Traditional message encryption protocols such as PGP have often thrown up barriers for both sender and recipient. They remain too technical and complex for the average user, resulting in potentially low adoption rates.

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What is TLS email encryption?

Transport layer security (TLS) is widely used and many governing bodies recommend it. But how does it work, and what are the potential drawbacks?

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The facts about GDPR and email encryption

Email encryption is recommended under EU and UK GDPR - but why? And what are the exact requirements?

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Why your business should be encrypting emails

Understand the risks of going without email encryption as well as the benefits it could bring to your business. 

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How to easily send and open encrypted email

Learn how to keep your data safe by easily sending and opening encrypted emails within Outlook.

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What is encrypted email?

Encrypted email should be a key part of every business' cybersecurity strategy. Find everything you need to know here.

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Quick guide to secure file sharing

Sharing data is something we all need to do - but how do we make the process secure? Find out in our latest guide.

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The quick guide to email content analysis

Content analysis uses contextual machine learning and DLP policies to check an email’s content against intended recipients in order to spot any abnormal behaviour and prevent a security breach before it can even happen.

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Guide to email encryption

Email encryption can be complicated. That's why we've created this simple guide which breaks down different types of encryption, so you can decide what works best for your business,

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Why should you encrypt email?

As a communication method and for sharing data, email is as popular as ever. Despite the influx of other messaging and online secure file sharing solutions, it remains the most widely used tool for organisations to transmit and receive sensitive data.

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