Why you should encrypt emails (and how to do it)

Email Encryption

Why you should encrypt emails

Why should you encrypt email?

Despite the influx of other messaging and online secure file sharing solutions, it remains the most widely used tool for organisations to transmit and receive sensitive data.

How does encryption remove risk for auditors?

Understand how encryption works and the benefits it can bring to anyone working in the security space.

Why use an email encryption service?

You've probably heard about email encryption. But what are the tangible benefits encryption software can bring to your business?

Your business needs enforced email encryption! Here's why

Businesses must keep their email safe. Learn more about what enforced email encryption is and why your business needs it.

Enhance Microsoft 365 Protection

Using Microsoft 365? Learn how to close protection gaps and reduce human activated risk within your organization.

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Secure, certified end-to-end email encryption

Guard against data breaches with encryption that’s easy-to-use for senders and recipients.