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What is Egress Prevent and risk-based email protection?

by Egress
Published on 8th Feb 2020
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What is Egress Prevent?

Egress Prevent uses machine learning and advanced data analytics to secure and protect your sensitive email communications. It does this by:

  • Preventing you from accidentally sending emails to the wrong recipient
  • Applying the right amount of protection to the email as it is shared over untrusted networks to potentially untrusted recipients


How does Prevent protect against accidentally sending emails to the wrong recipients?

If your administrator has enabled this functionality for your Egress deployment, then the software analyzes your historic user behavior and prompts when any of the following occurs:

  • A potential wrong recipient has been included in the To or Cc field of an email message
  • An email address has been mistyped
  • An email is being sent to an unverified or blacklisted domain
  • There are too many recipients in the To or Cc fields. In this case, the software prompts you to move these recipients into Bcc
  • A recipient is being emailed for the first time

In addition, the product also suggests recipients to be added into an email message based on previous patterns of emailing them.

How does Prevent apply the right amount of protection to an email message?

If your administrator has enabled this functionality for your Egress deployment, the software analyzes the recipients of your email message and assigns a risk score based on:

  • The longevity and security of their domain
  • Whether their email infrastructure is updated to the latest security protocols and technologies
  • The history of their email interactions with your organization

It combines the sensitivity of your email message with this risk score to apply one of several email protection options, including:

  • Sending the message over TLS
  • Applying Egress email encryption, including options for watermarking messages and preventing attachment download
  • Third-party email encryption solutions such as Microsoft O365 OME

By applying security to the email message that is in proportion to the risk of an actual data breach, Prevent reduces friction for your email recipients and hopes to increase the adoption of email encryption technologies.