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Protect email using TLS

by Egress
Published on 4th Feb 2019
  • A key priority for organizations is protecting potentially sensitive information shared via email with external third parties
  • Without the necessary protection of information in transit, businesses risk data loss, failure to comply with data protection regulations, and associated financial penalties
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) protects data in transit and is an excellent security addition to the message-level encryption provided by Egress Switch

Different organization have different data security needs, often dictated by industry regulations. For organizations wanting to secure data in transit, but happy for recipients to receive the email in clear text, TLS encryption can be applied.

Using TLS, the Switch Gateway can be configured to automatically send a request to the recipient organization’s server to see whether it can accept TLS and then send all messages using this service.

The content of sent email and any attachments can be scanned at the gateway, and information can be stored and archived in line with DLP and other regulatory policies. Switch can also add a visual identifier to the email to show it has been securely delivered using TLS.

With Switch Secure Email, users can send one email to multiple recipients and the advanced policy engine can make informed decisions over how it will be delivered to each recipient. For example, the email can be split, with some copies delivered over TLS and others using Switch message encryption. 

For times when TLS would not be an appropriate exchange mechanism, policies can be applied to ensure end-to-end Switch message encryption is used.


    • Visually mark emails as delivered securely for improved compliance and end user acceptance
    • Message splitting provides complete transparency for both senders and recipients of encrypted email
    • Policy control using lists of email domains and their required level of encryption
    • Microsoft Outlook Add-in can be used to mark messages for encryption either using Switch Message Level encryption, opportunistic TLS encryption or both


    • Offers unrivalled flexibility by combining opportunistic TLS with Switch message level encryption
    • Maintain regulatory compliance when sharing sensitive information with external third party organizations
    • Message content delivered in clear text so that it can be scanned, saved and archived in line with policy
    • Mandatory TLS encryption secures sensitive data in transit
    • A transparent and seamless experience for sender and recipien