Email Encryption

Email redaction with Egress

by Egress
Published on 1st Jan 2020

Protect confidential information

  • Prevent regulatory compliance activities from becoming a data breach risk. A subject access request under the GDPR or other regulatory requirement obliges businesses to provide relevant data to third parties. This includes emails and file attachments. Before release, these must be comprehensively screened and all sensitive information redacted. Egress email redaction software helps businesses comply with regulatory obligations while reducing the risk of a data breach.
  • Automate email redaction to lift the burden on compliance departments. Complying with access requests is a painstaking and time-consuming process. Egress email redaction strikes an intelligent balance between automation and manual verification to save time and give peace of mind.
  • Efficient, user-friendly and cost-effective. Compliance departments can complete more access requests in less time - without compromising on security.

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How to redact an email with Egress

  • User-friendly email redaction. Identify the emails to be searched and add them to the Redact & Export workflow. Search manually for sensitive text and select items to be redacted.
  • Use templates to discover specific data types. Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in standard formats such as credit card numbers, National Insurance numbers and IP addresses can be discovered with template searches. Multiple templates can be used simultaneously to discover different data types.
  • Redact sensitive data from emails with one click. Once identified, the sensitive data can be reviewed individually and manually redacted, or all discovered data can be bulk redacted with a single click.

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Secure process for Outlook email redaction

  • Protect sensitive data while complying with regulatory requests. Egress email redaction allows staff to work securely within a single system to comprehensively discover and redact confidential data from Outlook emails and file attachments.
  • Secure workflow from end-to-end. Once the redaction process is complete, the redacted files are exported, with no file name, to stop sensitive data being distributed inadvertently.
  • Improve compliance response times. Intelligent discovery automation and bulk redaction capability enable teams to manage requests quickly and accurately, without risking a data breach.

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I'd like to get more technical

  • Automate PII searches with discovery templates. Discover huge ranges of PII without having to search manually. Templates detect specific data types using regular expressions and also match with similar items to ensure that misconfigured data is not missed.
  • Search once, use many. Save previous search configurations for future use on similar compliance requests.
  • Designed for collaboration. A toolbar shows which messages include redactions and what data has been redacted, allowing multiple users full visibility of the process and outcomes.
  • System flexibility. Egress email redaction is email platform- and hosting provider-agnostic and can work with any combination of cloud/on-premise email infrastructures, including Office 365.

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