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We want Egress to be a vibrant, exciting and rewarding place to work. 

We look for talented people at all levels of our business who can help build and grow a collaborative, inclusive culture, and who are motivated by both the opportunities that Egress can provide and by their own aspirations to succeed and grow here.

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We take account of potential employees’ values, attitudes and behaviours when recruiting and ensure everyone involved in our recruitment processes has a full understanding of fair selection methods and data-protection issues.

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Living wage

We are committed to paying all employees a fair wage and are an accredited Living Wage Employer (  We never make deductions from wages except with permission from the individual or by law.

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We provide every employee with a written employment contract and our detailed Employee Handbook contains a wealth of information regarding employment at Egress: namely, Polices and Procedures, Benefits, and Wellbeing information.

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Education and learning

We offer timely, appropriate and accessible education, learning and development opportunities to enable all employees to develop and strengthen their skills and knowledge during their time with us.

Workplace culture

We take responsibility for the values, attitudes and behaviours that our employees display at work, including upholding and promoting equality, diversity and inclusion.  We actively promote professionalism and respectful behaviours in the workplace reinforced by policies covering Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking, Anti-corruption and Bribery, Health and Safety, Equality and Diversity, and Anti-Bullying and Harassment.

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