Supply Chain

Read about Egress' supply chain including vendors, back office systems, and resources.

As a growth company we are dependent on third-parties in both the delivery of parts of our services and for the places that we call home – our offices.

We understand that there are therefore limits to what we can achieve on our own in reducing our impact on the environment but, we recognise we still have a role to play in addressing the climate crisis and its real potential to fundamentally disrupt the environment and our ways of life. There’s a saying that goes,

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are”.

And that is what we intend to do. We are passionate about doing what we can now, and adapting as we grow so that we create a positive social, environmental, and economic impact.

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Our supply chain – resource and energy efficiency

We use specialist vendors to help deliver the platforms on which our services are built and managed.  Many of these are market leaders in their industries and have detailed information about their environmental, social and governance programmes on their website.  We capture this information in our internal Environmental Policy in order to evidence the steps being taken, not by us here, but by those who through involvement form part of the delivery of our services to you, our customers.


Environmental Information

Amazon Web Services





Environmental Information

Press Release

Microsoft Azure / O365 / Teams



Sustainable leadership

Salesforce, Inc.


Environmental Information

Twilio, Inc.

Environmental Information


Environmental Information

Zoom Video Communications, Inc.

Environmental Information

8x8, Inc.

Environmental Information

Our vendors

There are other vendors involved in our internal back office systems (such as payroll, HR management, surveys and finance) that similarly provide information about their environmental, social and governance programmes on their websites. The details of these are captured in our internal Policy.


Environmental Information

White Collar Factory HQ, London, UK


Energy mix: 50% regulated energy gas; 50% regulated renewable electricity

Energy Performance Certificate: A

Acero, Sheffield, UK

Energy mix: 100% renewable electricity. No gas.

Energy Performance Certificate: A

Festival House, Cheltenham, UK

Energy mix: 95% renewable electricity; 5% gas.

Energy Performance Certificate: D

Summer Street, Boston, United States

None available

Lafayette Street, New York, United States

Impact Report

Our offices – resource and energy efficiency

We lease office space in 2 countries – the UK and the United States. The approach taken at each of our offices varies.