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Environment, Social, and Governance

Our environment

As a growth company we are dependent on third-parties in both the delivery of parts of our services and for the places that we call home – our offices. We understand that there are therefore limits to what we can achieve on our own in reducing our impact on the environment, but we recognise we still have a role to play in combating climate change and its real potential to fundamentally disrupt the environment and our ways of life.

We are passionate about doing what we can now, and about adapting that as we grow.  We will strive to grow as sustainably as possible to create a positive social, environmental, and economic impact.

Our supply chain

Offsetting, tree planting and supporting local wildlife

Our communities

We are committed to helping organisations who are doing great work to build stronger, more resilient communities, or are supporting those less fortunate than us.  

Our community fundraising initiatives are driven by our Undergraduate Placement cohorts and we’ve seen up close just how much of a difference this has on the lives of the people involved. 

Fundraising and volunteering activities in the last twelve months have included the following. In total, throughout 2020 we raised over £10,000 in support of these causes and have a calendar of events planned for 2021.

Our business ethics

We recognise our role as a responsible business – for our own account, for the communities in which we and our staff live, work and contribute, and the supply chains of our customers that we form part of.

Good governance at Egress

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