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Cybercriminals will keep finding new ways to trick employees into giving away corporate data - so businesses need to stay one step ahead. Learn how to spot phishing attacks and why human layer security is your last line of defense against phishing.

Tips on how to prevent phishing

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What makes an anti-phishing solution intelligent?

Many solutions on the market claim to be intelligent. Find out how to tell whether they really are. 

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Can you stop people clicking on links in phishing emails?

All that training and people still click on phishing links... Here's how to finally stop them. 

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How to stop phishing: The power to bulk remove emails from inboxes

Prefer to bulk remove emails from inboxes or use them for real-time education? Learn how to do both with Egress Defend. 

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Stop phishing emails across all devices: Mobile, desktop, and tablet

Find out how Egress Defend protects your people from advanced phishing threats on any device. 

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Vlogs from our experts

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How (and why) are law firms targeted by phishing attacks?

Understand the latest methods cybercriminals are using to infiltrate law firms through phishing.

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How (and why) are investment management firms targeted by phishing?

Cybercriminals are targeting wealth management firms - find out how to protect your business. 

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What is phishing


How account takeover (ATO) attacks happen

Account takeover (ATO) attacks cause serious damage before they're detected - learn how they start. 

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Three examples of business email compromise attacks

We've picked out three real-life examples that prove just how dangerous BEC can be. 

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How to spot a phishing link

Find out how to detect a phishing link and stay protected online.

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What happens if I click a phishing link?

If the worst case happens and you end clicking on a phishing link, it's vital to know the goals of the cybercriminals behind the phishing email.

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What is account takeover (ATO)?

What exactly is account takeover? Find out more about this dangerous outcome of phishing and learn how to protect your business.

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How to prevent account takeover (ATO)

Learn how to detect (and prevent) account takeover attacks against your business. 

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A guide to spearphishing

Spear phishing can be seen as a more sophisticated form of phishing. Both kinds of attacks attempt to trick victims into volunteering sensitive, commercially valuable information, predominantly through email.

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How to prevent email phishing

Phishing has been around for a long time. The thing is, attackers continue to use it because it’s still very effective. If anything, the number of phishing attempts is increasing, costing enterprise organisations millions of dollars to deal with phishing attacks.

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Guide to DMARC

DMARC is an email authentication protocol that helps recipient domains verify that an email sender is who they say they are and not a cybercriminal spoofing a domain name.

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What are ransomware and impersonation attacks...

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Ransomware explained: What you need to know

Ransomware attacks don’t just affect the biggest companies. Learn the basics about the threat of ransomware.

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Can the ransomware epidemic be stopped?

Ransomware is accelerating at an alarming pace. Learn how to break the kill chain and slow it down in our expert guide. 

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What is an impersonation attack?

Impersonation is a dangerous phishing tactic. Learn how to recognise and prevent attacks. 

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Top tips and how to identify phishing


What is business email compromise (BEC)?

Learn how to recognise and prevent business email compromise (BEC). 

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Three examples of business email compromise (BEC)

Learn about three of the top business email compromise scams from recent years and discover how you can protect your organization with Egress.

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How to stop phishing becoming business email compromise

Don't let a phishing attack turn into business email compromise. Follow our guide on the actions to take if you ever find yourself the victim of phishing. 

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How to identify a phishing website

20% of all employees are likely to click on phishing email links and, of those, 67% go on to enter their details on a phishing website.

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What’s “double-barrel phishing” – and should you be concerned?

Double-barrel phishing is a clever phishing tactic - but there are ways to beat it. Find out everything you need to know here.

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5 Best Defenses Against Phishing Attacks

In this article, we'll explore what phishing is and the methods cybercriminals use to get their hands on sensitive data. Sharing our top tips to help prevent

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Spear phishing attacks: Top 7 signs to watch out for

Spear phishing is a major risk for US businesses. Discover the 7 signs you need to look out for.

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Preventing spear phishing: What you need to know

Find out everything you need to know about spear phishing attacks and learn how to protect your business. 

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How can I stop CEO fraud phishing?

CEO fraud is on the rise - learn how to stop it and keep your business safe. 

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