Cybercriminals will keep finding new ways to trick employees into giving away corporate data - so businesses need to stay one step ahead. Learn how to spot phishing attacks and why human layer security is your last line of defence against phishing.

What does phishing mean...

Expert articles on how to spot phishing emails


How to spot a phishing link

Find out how to detect a phishing link and stay protected online.

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A guide to spearphishing

Spear phishing can be seen as a more sophisticated form of phishing. Both kinds of attacks attempt to trick victims into volunteering sensitive, commercially valuable information, predominantly through email.

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How to prevent email phishing

Phishing has been around for a long time. The thing is, attackers continue to use it because it’s still very effective. If anything, the number of phishing attempts is increasing, costing enterprise organisations millions of dollars to deal with phishing attacks.

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