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Discover how we enable compliance with the US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Intelligent email security for PHI

Egress Intelligent Email Security enables healthcare organizations to send HIPAA-compliant emails and attachments, making sure PHI is only ever shared with the correct recipients and is encrypted in transit and at rest. We also provide detailed reporting on the security of PHI shared via email by your organization's employees and the risk of a HIPAA breach, and empower administrators to run compliance investigations for ePHI records with minimal overheads.

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Intelligent email security for PHI .

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Email PHI to the correct recipients

We protect you from impermissable disclosure by making sure PHI sent via email is only ever shared with authorized recipients, both within your organization and externally. We do this using powerful contextual machine learning and DLP technologies, which analyze recipients with the content being shared to make sure every email is safe to send. 

Our solution integrates with Office 365 and mobile devices to provide an ever-present safety net for busy healthcare professionals and reduce the risk of human error leading to a HIPAA breach. 

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Encrypt emails and attachments to protect PHI

Our poweful end-to-end encryption technology protects PHI shared by email. Seamless integration with Office 365 and mobile devices makes it easy for healthcare professionals to secure patient data shared by email, even on the go. We also provide comprehensive control over the emails they send, including message restrictions for individual recipients, and detailed auditing. 

It's also free for your recipients to use our software, and our intelligent Smart Authentication technology streamlines and simplifies this process for them. 

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Investigate risk in your email network

We empower administrators to measure and quantify the risk of a HIPAA breach across their corporate email network. This includes advanced search and detailed reporting functionality to enable them to pinpoint the individuals and teams putting PHI at risk, and prove ongoing compliance.  

Our reporting technology also provides administrators with the tools they need to rapidly respond to requests for ePHI from patients, enabling them to search millions of emails in seconds to find the relevant records. 

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