GDPR Compliance

How we help you achieve GDPR compliance.

Securing your email network for GDPR compliance

Every employee in your organization has access to email, meaning it presents serious risk of non-compliance with GDPR when employees accidentally email the wrong person or attach the wrong file, forget to apply the right level of security, or use it to intentionally exfiltrate data. 

Our Intelligent Email Security is designed to prevent email breaches, automatically protect data, and ensure you can investigate the levels of risk and compliance within your email network. We also provide the ability to rapidly fulfill subject access requests (SARs) for email data, including the redaction of non-pertinent information. 

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Our Intelligent Email Security ensures your GDPR compliance

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Prevent data breaches

We use contextual machine learning to identify individual user's behavior as they share data via email in order to spot anomalies and stop breaches of security before they happen.

Our solution analyses factors including email recipients, subject line, body and attachments to ensure the right data is only shared with the right recipients. Integration with Office 365 and Outlook, and deployment o mobile devices, means we can prevent data breaches however your employees choose to share data. 

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Protect sensitive data

Even when it's shared with authorized recipients, sensitive data can be at risk of mishandling and this can have serious implications for data controllers under GDPR. 

We ensure all emails and large files shared via Office 365, Outlook and mobile devices are encrypted relative to the actual risk of a data breach. Our encryption solution is certified by both UK Government and industry, and provides your organization with complete control over shared data - including email recall and the ability to prevent recipient actions, such as printing, and copy / paste.

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Pinpoint risk in your email network

We provide total visibility over the data being sent and received via email within your organization, so you can effectively evolve your security practices to ensure ongoing GDPR compliance.

Our software provides admins with the ability to inspect plaintext and encrypted content, to ensure compliance requirements are adhered to and enable you to quickly identify areas of risk. 

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Quickly fulfill subject access requests

GDPR means you need to be able to rapidly locate and compile information about individual data subjects as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. 

We built Egress Respond using elastic search, so you can quickly run reports across your entire email network and return results within minutes. Our solution allows you to search within both plaintext and encrypted emails, looking inside subject lines, body content and attachments to locate data. We also offer the ability to redact any non-pertinent sensitive data, so you remain GDPR compliant when providing results. 

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