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Myth busting 101: challenging stereotypes and grasping opportunities

by Egress
Published on 8th Mar 2021

About this talk

This is the on-demand version of a talk Tayana originally gave as part of the 2020 Women in Technology World Series, on 19th November - with the following overview:

As women in tech, the stereotypes put upon us – and particularly those we accept, internalise and resign ourselves to can become the mantras of our whole careers. From “not being technically minded enough” to being “unable to cope with the demands of the job”, our gender and ethnicities can dictate the positions we apply for and hold, and how far we’ll climb.

Join Tayana Bellis for this presentation, in which she’ll debunk some of the common myths believed about women in tech (and that we sometimes believe about ourselves!), and provide practical strategies for how to overcome these stereotypes.

You can watch this on-demand to discover:

  • The common myths and stereotypes faced by women in tech, and how to overcome them
  • How to identify and grasp opportunities, including battling feelings of inadequacy and imposter syndrome
  • How to create and connect with support systems – from interview process to the day-to-day

About Tayana

Tayana Bellis is an experienced product leader and currently serves as Director of Product Management at Egress. Tayana has spent most of her career so far working in financial services (including for Thomson Reuters/Refinitiv and S&P), and transitioned into in 2019. As well as product managing the flagship Egress Intelligent Email Security platform, Tayana also leads the UX design and technical writing teams.

Tayana believes communication and persuasion are skills women in technology need to constantly practice and refine to make their voices heard, and she has taken improv and stand-up classes to learn new styles of communication to engage with stakeholders.

Tayana holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with Business Studies from Queen Mary’s College, University of London.

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