Egress for CCPA

Comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) by implementing new ways to retain, protect and share sensitive data.

Take control of CCPA compliance

We help organizations upgrade their email security strategy for CCPA compliance, preventing the litigation and huge penalties that put hard-earned reputations on the line. We do this by preventing breaches, protecting sensitive information, supporting data subject access requests (DSARs), and auditing email data flows for ongoing compliance.

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Prevent email data breaches Find out how Egress can help you comply to CCPA

Product Images Prevent Overview
Prevent email data breaches

Our Outlook plug-in stops misdirected emails and attachments, preventing CCPA breaches in real time.

  • Detect incorrect email recipients
  • Ensure correct files are attached
  • Prevent sending of non-compliant emails
  • Ensure Bcc field is utilized for mass emails
Product Overview Protect
Protect regulated data

We empower your employees to send CCPA compliant emails and attachments, including large files, directly within Outlook.

  • Automate intelligent and dynamic email security
  • Apply message-level encryption to regulated data
  • Enhance control using email recall, access restrictions, and watermarking
  • Minimize friction for senders and recipients
Product Overview Investigate
Email audit and DSAR fulfillment

Our ediscovery software enables you to understand data flows and areas of risk, conduct DSARs, and delete personal data across your organization’s email network.

  • Generate compliance reports for corporate email network
  • Detect areas of non-compliance
  • Quickly fulfill DSARs for email data, including redaction of non-pertinent information
  • Delete personal data from email network

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