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Collaborate seamlessly and securely with colleagues and external parties.

Hero Secure Work Space
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Prevent data loss while accelerating productivity

We offer seamless file sharing and secure collaboration tools so your team can deliver results faster, while our industry and government-certified security protects sensitive data.

Our accredited security frameworks provide you with an encrypted collaborative workspace for sharing and storing files, editing documents, and annotating PDFs in real time. In addition, our mobile app allows users to capture and upload sensitive media directly to Secure Workspace, in turn fast-tracking business processes.

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How Secure Workspace helps

Prevent a security breach

Our simple, secure file sharing and online collaboration software enables teams to store content securely and work together effortlessly. We also empower your employees to collaborate on documents with third parties, with the reassurance of that full auditing and controlled release protects sensitive data.

How we do it

Industry accreditations
Sensitive content is in safe hands. We only host files in cloud storage accredited to ISO 27001 / 9001. Learn more >

Enhanced file protection
We perform anti-virus and MIME checks on all incoming files, and then use AES-256 bit encryption to protect them within our environment.

Administrator and user controls
Administrators of the online workspace can apply granular controls to the file level and inspect file activity through detailed audit reporting and log information.

Keep regulatory fines at bay

Avoid dealing with the regulatory after-effects of a data leak with ISO 27001/9001-accredited encryption of shared content, along with robust accessibility and control settings that protect sensitive information from unauthorised viewing.

How we do it

Comprehensive user permissions
Users can set permissions in their secure collaborative workspace for how peers and third parties interact with files, including restrictions on copying / editing, downloads, forwarding, geolocation access, and time of access.

Revoke access to files
We provide full recall should sensitive files be shared in error or a recipient is no longer authorised to access content.

Auditing and tracking
Access a complete picture of how employees are interacting with files, including opens, location, sharing, editing, and downloads.

Accelerate critical business workflows

Our Secure Workspace for Mobile app allows users to securely upload documents, photos and videos to their secure workspace whether or not they're connected to a network, meaning you benefit from optimum security and still deliver critical work quickly.

How we do it

Immediate upload to Secure Workspace
If there's a network available, our app instantly uploads media to the collaborative online workspace. However, in instances where no network is available, offline queuing retains and automatically releases files as soon as the network is restored.

Shared device functionality
Multiple users with unique IDs can access the app on a shared device, so you won’t need one device per person – saving budget on hardware costs.

Seamless integration with Secure Workspace
As an extension of Secure Workspace, users can review audit trails, revoke access to files and classify imagery, effectively supporting regulatory compliance.

Eliminate disruptions to employee productivity

Teams can accelerate productivity with high-customisation that delivers security without friction. We've maximised the Secure Workspace platform's usability, meaning file protection and ROI are both guaranteed.

How we do it

Real-time secure collaboration and file editing
Users can edit documents in real time individually or as part of a team using either Egress’ online editor or MS Office, with full version control for every time someone updates a file.

Seamless and secure file requests
Users can request access to files within the Secure Workspace environment and even specify where to upload content.

Customisable branding
Make Secure Workspace look the way you want with a configurable user interface allowing for specific brand requirements, colour schemes and logos.

API integration
Seamless API integration enables Secure Workspace to talk to your existing workflows, in turn fast-tracking productivity.

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