Video: Human Layer Security

What exactly is human layer security, and how does it prevent email data breaches?

Email security

Everyone uses email – from interns right up to CEOs. However, email can cause major data security risks – such as sending sensitive data over the Internet and untrusted networks, accidentally sharing data with the wrong people, or intentionally leaking information. Organisations implement security software to try to protect sensitive information, but often people become frustrated and choose not to use these systems. And the consequences can be severe.

Egress’ intelligent email security wraps security around users to solve these problems and protect sensitive data, unlike other security solutions

When users send emails, Egress determines the level of risk to sensitive data to help them apply the right security, as well as helping them to spot anomalies and identify mistakes. Egress can also determine the level of risk when a recipient tries to open an email containing sensitive information, by making it easy to open when it’s safe and applying more protection when risky. All the while, Egress helps administrators by highlighting potentially malicious behaviour, helping to track ROI and demonstrating compliance with security regulations.

So if you want smart email protection that’s easy for employees and recipients to use, contact Egress today.