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Email Security & Secure Mail

Email is the world's most popular form of online communication, but it comes with security risks. Learn how to make sure your organization's emails stay secure.

Microsoft and Email Security

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How do I send a secure email in Outlook?

Security risks are everywhere in the digital world, but they can be dramatically reduced through email encryption. 

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Disable autocomplete in Outlook

Are you sure?

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Five reasons you need enhanced email security in Office 365

It’s estimated that 70% of enterprise organisations will move to Office 365 (O365) by 2021.

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New research report recommends using third-party security tools in Office 365 deployments

Did you know that 37% of the average Office 365 deployment budget is currently spent on third-party solutions?

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Securing your M365 journey: Stopping the additional 30% of email security risks

Find out how to augment Microsoft 365 and catch the most advanced, sophisticated phishing threats.

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Disabling autocorrect

Prevent Autocomplete Email Mistakes with Egress

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What is the email security & secure mail?

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Why you should supplement your SEG with an ICES solution

Is your secure email gateway enough to protect your business from phishing? Add additional protection with an ICES solution.

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How do secure email gateways (SEGs) work?

Learn how secure email gateways work and what you need to do to protect your data.

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Remote working: Email security in this new reality

Tony Pepper shares how important email security is while working remotely.

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Why law firms should consider email security as a revenue generator

Find out why email security isn't just a revenue protector for law firms - but a revenue generator too. 

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Why remote working no longer needs to risk email security

It’s absolutely critical, now more than ever, to empower employees with tools at their fingertips that appropriately secure confidential email content.

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Egress next-gen email security: Why people-centric?

You may have heard about some new tools in the Egress platform that have just been released. Perhaps you watched a webinar or video, or read a datasheet.

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Taking a CARTA approach to email security

Gartner introduced its 'continuous adaptive risk and trust assessment' (CARTA) approach to security in 2017 as a response to the ever-changing threat landscape faced by digital businesses.

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Frazzled employees, email overload – and one stressed click from risk

But there’s more food for thought here: the impact on business risk when fatigue creeps in and productivity overload causes stress that leads to mistakes.

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It's here: the 2020 Outbound Email Security Report

Download today to understand the risks in your organisation

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Secure websites for police – how citizens can submit 101 evidence online with confidence

Police forces around the UK have come under fire regarding insecure websites. In fact, figures published by the Centre for Public Safety demonstrated almost three-quarters (73%) fell short of best practice, with 24% lacking any support for secure communications at all

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Man and machine

Why unsupervised machine learning won't solve all your security problems

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Secure data sharing across government and enterprise

Read about the only UK Government CPA Foundation Grade certified email encryption product.

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Protect and serve

Helping police gather information during major incidents

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Digitising justice

The case for e-bundles in family courts

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How do you share information securely?

Not very well judging by a recent survey!

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Artificial intelligence for data protection

Experts Predict the Future of Artificial Intelligence in Data Protection

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Gmail messages can be read by third parties

Some circumstances private emails sent and received via Gmail can be read by third-parties.

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How can schools share sensitive pupil data securely?

Schools are expected to process and share increasing amounts of information about pupils

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Egress and G Suite

Data security in the cloud

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Seven top tips for using NHSmail

In early March 2020, Egress partnered with NHS Digital to deliver the email encryption solution for NHSmail.

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