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Email DLP & Data Loss Prevention

95% of IT leaders believe their data is at risk – with good reason. Data loss is a daily occurrence and the costs of a breach are only getting higher. Understand the full risk picture and learn how to protect your business with intelligent email DLP.

Learn from our experts about Email DLP

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What is data loss prevention?


The full guide to data loss prevention

What is DLP? What different DLP software is there? Explore this guide.

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DLP Report 2021

Find out more about accidental and intentional data loss, and why the risk is higher in 2021

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Five reasons you need enhanced email security in Office 365

It’s estimated that 70% of enterprise organisations will move to Office 365 (O365) by 2021.

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Has DLP failed you?

DLP solutions are evolving away from static dlp and more into human layer security.

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DLP has failed you – and here’s what you need to do now

Legacy DLP solutions have failed to stop data breaches from happening - and you need to understand your alternatives today to prevent your incidents of tomorrow.

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What is Email DLP?


Stop ‘fat finger’ mobile mistakes with email DLP

Understand the risk of mobile mistakes and learn how to keep your business secure. 

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Keeping email productive and safe from data loss

Learn how to keep employees secure (and productive) while using email

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Five ways data is lost via email

Discover the top five ways your organisation is losing data via email - every day.

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The 10 most common email mistakes

Chosen from conversations with global enterprise organisations and governments, as well as incidents reported in the news, here’s a compilation of the top 10 most common email mistakes according to Egress.

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How to securely send and open confidential email

Learn how to share your data via email with confidence.

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Which type of email DLP is best for me?

Choose the right level of email protection for your business. 

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How a zero-trust model can help prevent email data breaches

A zero-trust approach to email DLP makes sense - but how can we make it seamless and user-friendly? 

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Sent a confidential email to the wrong address? Here’s what to do.

Find out what steps to take right now and learn how to prevent misdirected emails in the future.

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What is a misdirected email?

A ‘misdirected email’ describes an instance where an email is sent to the wrong person or the wrong attachment has been added to an email that has the correct recipients in it.

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How to prevent accidental email sending

Protect data and prevent breaches by stopping confidential emails being sent to the wrong person by mistake

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Sent an email to the wrong recipient? Email DLP can protect you.

Learn how to protect yourself and your organization from misdirected email.

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Received someone else’s confidential email? Here’s what to do.

Find out what you should do when a misdirected email lands in your inbox.

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BYOD & Data Exfiltration explained


Bring your own devices (BYOD) explained

Discover the benefits (and risks) of bring your own devices (BYOD) in our quick guide. 

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How to stay safe when using BYOD (bring your own devices)

Using BYOD in your business? Here's how to make sure your employees stay both safe and productive.

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Data exfiltration: What you need to know

Data exfiltration can happen in a few ways - but the outcome is often serious for a business. Here's what you need to know. 

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How to protect your business from data exfiltration

Get actionable tips on how to stop data leaving your business without your knowledge or consent. 

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Our 2021 Data Loss Prevention Report has just been released Download now

How does Email DLP effect your industry...


Six data protection tips for healthcare organisations

Discover the key considerations, tools and methods you need to be aware of to protect sensitive patient data throughout its lifecycle and maximise your data security budget.

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Why law firms should consider email security as a revenue generator

Find out why email security should as not just a revenue protector for law firms - but a revenue generator too. 

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How law firms can stop emails being sent to the wrong people

From our research, we know that more than one in three workers (35%) have sent an email to the wrong person, while nearly half (46%) have received an email clearly intended for someone else.

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The importance of email DLP in financial services

Financial services is a tightly regulated industry where trust is key - which makes email DLP vital.  

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How to recall an email...

Cybersecurity information

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