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18 cybersecurity preparedness steps to take today

We’ve picked out 18 steps you can start doing from today for extra piece of mind. They’ll help to keep your organization safer during unstable times and prepare for long term cybersecurity success too.  

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Fighting phishing report

From ransomware to payment scams, the risk of phishing continues to rise.  In our new report, we detail the percentage of businesses that have purchased cyber security insurance, invested in forensic investigation, and retained legal counsel to combat phishing attacks.  Read first-hand responses from IT leaders on their personal experiences with phishing attacks.

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TAG Cyber: Reduce human activated risk

TAG Cyber’s latest report explores this imperfect relationship and how it relates to a technology your business uses every day: email.

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LinkedIn phishing attacks up 232% in February

See the new email phishing attacks that use display name spoofing and stylized templates to impersonate LinkedIn and harvest victims’ credentials.

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Businesses warned to boost cyber defenses due to Ukraine tensions

After a week of diplomatic discussions over the ongoing tensions in Ukraine, cybersecurity concerns have come to the fore. Regulators have strongly advised businesses to improve cybersecurity in the face of potential attacks.

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Cybersecurity predictions

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Four cybersecurity predictions for 2022

Find out which cybersecurity trends our leadership team expect to dominate CISO's thoughts during 2022. 

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Top 5 Cybersecurity Predictions for 2021

After a year that transformed the way we live and work, it’s time to look ahead to what 2021 might bring.

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What’s Next? Three Data Security Predictions for 2019

2018 brought major data breaches, new data privacy regulations, potential GDPR fines

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2020 Vision: Egress leaders look ahead to the New Year

As the year draws to a close, it’s tempting to reflect on the major developments that helped shape 2019. But in the technology industry—and most of all, the cybersecurity industry—we look to the future, not the past.

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Where does cybersecurity fit in 2022 budget priorities?

Get the lowdown on the latest industry reports, plus five expert recommendations on how to shape your priorities.

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Phishing, Ransomware, Account Takeover

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Phishing hub

Cybercriminals will keep finding new ways to trick employees into giving away corporate data - so businesses need to stay one step ahead. Learn how to spot phishing attacks and why human layer security is your best line of defence against phishing.

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How to recognise and prevent impersonation attacks

Impersonation is a dangerous phishing tactic. Learn how to spot and prevent attacks before they lead to a serious breach. 

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Spot the Phish

Take our interactive quiz to decide whether these 8 emails are genuine or phishing scams – use your cursor to hover over elements like emails or links to check if they’re legitimate!

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DLP, Email DLP, BYOD, Data exfiltration

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Data Loss Prevention & Email DLP hub

95% of IT leaders believe their data is at risk – with good reason. Data loss is a daily occurrence and the costs of a breach are only getting higher. Understand the full risk picture and learn how to protect your business with intelligent email DLP.

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Sent a confidential email to the wrong address? Here’s what to do.

Find out what steps to take right now and learn how to prevent misdirected emails in the future.

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Data Loss Prevention report

Organisations are experiencing real and measurable problems due to data loss. 95% of IT leaders believe sensitive client and corporate data is at risk of loss and unauthorised disclosure on email.

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Email Encryption

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Email Encryption hub

In today's climate of data security, it's a serious risk to go unencrypted. Find out how to protect your emails and share sensitive information without risk.

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Why should you encrypt email?

As a communication method and for sharing data, email is as popular as ever. Despite the influx of other messaging and online secure file sharing solutions, it remains the most widely used tool for organisations to transmit and receive sensitive data.

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Email encryption: The full guide

Email encryption protects your emails by obscuring the message body and attachments, making sure that only the right people can access and read them.

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What is Human Layer Security?

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Top 20 takeaways from Human Layer Security Live

We’ve hand-selected 20 of our favourite top takeaways for you

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Avoiding breach blame culture

At work, it’s important to create a culture where people can trust each other.

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Email Security & Secure Mail hub


Seven top tips for using NHSmail

In early March 2020, Egress partnered with NHS Digital to deliver the email encryption solution for NHSmail.

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Disable autocomplete in Outlook

Are you sure?

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File and Data Sharing

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File and Data Sharing

Insecure sharing is a shortcut to a data breach. Whether sharing data online or via email, it’s crucial to protect it effectively or else risk data loss. Make it easy. If your staff don’t like using the security technology you implement, they won’t use it.

File and data sharing hub
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How to make file sharing secure in my organization?

Learn how to make sure your digital file sharing is secure without compromising useability. 

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What's the safest way to do a large file transfer?

Using a less-than-ideal method for large file transfers could result in a data breach – find out which is most secure. 

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Compliance, Product News & Company news hubs

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Organizations simply cannot risk breaking data security regulations. Here's everything you need to know to stay compliant.

Compliance hub
Egress Software Technologies Navy

Company News

There's lots going on at Egress - check out our latest news and updates.

Company News hub

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