Egress Secure Workspace for mobile

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Securely share data on the go

Capturing sensitive media out in the field, then returning to upload and share that data, can be a highly inefficient process. When collaboration is time critical, you need a faster – yet secure – solution.

The Egress Secure Workspace for Mobile app allows people to securely upload, organise and share multimedia with Egress Secure Workspace whether connected to a network or not, meaning your teams keep sensitive files safe while delivering critical work faster.

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Immediate upload to Egress Secure Workspace

If there's a network available, our app instantly uploads media to the collaborative online workspace. If there’s no network, then offline queuing retains and automatically releases files as soon as connectivity is restored.

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In-app file sharing

You don’t need to login to Egress Secure Workspace on desktop to organize and share content. Your people can do all of that directly within the app.

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Shared device functionality

Multiple people with unique IDs can access the app on a shared device, so you won’t need one device per person – keeping your hardware costs down.

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Seamless integration with Egress Secure Workspace

Your people can log into Egress Secure Workspace on desktop to review audit logs, and classify or revoke all media captured via the app to effectively support compliance.