Secure file sharing

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Keep sensitive content safe

Secure Workspace enables organisations to easily and securely share their most confidential data both internally and with their supply chain.

With comprehensive access permissions and controls, accredited security frameworks, and flexible authentication, teams can securely share sensitive documents internally and with external partners without the risk of data getting into the wrong hands.

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Secure zones

Zones act as secure containers, making it easy for users to clearly organise content within folders while keep sensitive content safe from unauthorised access.

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Comprehensive user permissions

Your people can set permissions for how peers and third parties interact with files, including restrictions on copying or editing, downloads, forwarding, location access, and time of access.

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File access revocation

Your people can quickly revoke access should sensitive files be shared in error or a recipient is no longer authorized to access content.

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Anti-Virus scans

The technology scans every file on upload to protect against malicious threats, while accredited encryption then keeps content safe within our environment.

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Secure and flexible authentication

Administrators can select how people authenticate, with multi-factor authentication available via SMS pin or Google/Microsoft authenticators.