Real-time online file editing

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Real-time online file editing

Geographically dispersed teams and a surge in remote working are challenging collaborative efforts as colleagues struggle to work together efficiently on documents.

Our real-time editor gives individuals and teams all the necessary tools to collaborate seamlessly on files and remove any disruption to productivity.

Features Workspace Realtime Team Edit
How the real-time online file editor works

Exclusive or team editing

Edit files individually or as part of a team in real time and complete documents faster.

Features Workspace Realtime Editing
How the real-time online file editor works

Choice of online editors

Teams can work on files using either MS Office or, if they don't have a licence, our own online editor.

Features Workspace Realtime Version Control2
How the real-time online file editor works

Tracking all changes

All changes are tracked, while full version control allows users to revert to previous versions whenever required.

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