Collaborate seamlessly with Egress Secure Workspace

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Smart and secure file sharing

The way in which we work has changed. People are remote and increasingly relying on mobile devices to share information and collaborate.

Egress Secure Workspace focuses on productivity as well as security, with simple tools and functionality that make it easy for teams to collaborate, share content and deliver work faster wherever they are, all while keeping data safe.

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Egress Secure Workspace for Mobile

Enable teammates to securely upload, organise and share multimedia from anywhere using our dedicated Egress Secure Workspace for Mobile app.

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Real-time file editing

People can edit documents in real time individually or as part of a team, with full version control for every time someone updates a file. Collaborative PDF annotation is also available.

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Seamless and secure file requests

Teammates and project partners can request access to files within the Egress Secure Workspace environment and even specify where to upload content.