In-depth attachment interrogation

Take a look at how we analyse attachments with unmatched granularity to spot a potential security breach.

Email attachment analysis is a feature of Egress Prevent

Send the right email content

Some providers analyse attachments by name and type in order to detect abnormal behaviour. We don’t think that’s enough, and instead, we actually scan the data inside an attachment to check for a potential security breach.

This allows Egress to cast a far wider net, so you can prevent additional data leaks that simple attachment name and type analysis will not pick up.

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How in-depth attachment interrogation works

File name and type analysis

We inspect the name and type of an attachment versus recipients and domains to check whether it's safe to send.

Features Prevent Attachments Filename

Interrogation inside attachments

A combination of machine learning and pattern matching technologies examines the data within an attachment to prevent accidental or intentional leaks.

Features Prevent Attachments Inside

Real-time prompts

When there’s a potential anomaly and data could be at risk, Egress will offer a prompt to guide the user's decision, and will learn from their behaviour for next time.

Features Prevent Attachments Popup

We scan all aspects of an email's content to prevent breaches. Email content analysis

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