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Remote and hybrid working are now the norm, and employees are increasingly relying on mobile devices to work around the clock. Productivity may be on the up, but so is the risk of letting data slip through the security net.

The Egress secure email mobile app enables at-home and on-the-go employees stay productive and, importantly, keep sensitive email data safe.

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Face ID authentication

An additional option for users with an Egress username and password to easily access secure emails via their device’s Face ID or Fingerprint authentication.

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Easy and simple UI

An easy-to-use interface completely removes hassle from the sender experience, meaning people engage with the app and keep data safe wherever they are. The app also replicates your Outlook folders to protect employee workflows.

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Full send and receive capabilities

The app makes it quick and easy for people to not only read but also respond to Egress-encrypted emails directly within the app.

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In-app controls and revocation

Users can edit encryption labels, adjust message expiry settings, and fully revoke access altogether directly within the app, giving them complete control to keep data safe from unauthorised access.

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