Enhanced mobility

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Enhanced mobility

Our secure email mobile app has been built and programmed specifically to help on-the-go employees stay productive while working around the clock and, importantly, keep sensitive data safe.

Users can use the app to encrypt emails and files, review sent packages, and even revoke sent items in order to suitably protect sensitive data from unauthorised access.

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How enhanced mobility works

Email and file encryption

Just as you would on desktop, you can use a simple drop-down menu within the app to effectively secure email content and files.

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How enhanced mobility works

Full send and receive functionality

Use it as your exclusive mobile email app and send and receive emails quickly and easily at the tap of a finger.

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How enhanced mobility works

Full email audit trail

You have in-app access to a full audit trail to track whether recipients have viewed an email.

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How enhanced mobility works

Message revocation within the app

Users can fully revoke access to sent items in order to protect sensitive content should a colleague or third party suddenly no longer have the authorisation.

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