Email message body analysis

Message body analysis is a feature of Egress Prevent

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Send the right email content

By analysing and continuously learning from email subject lines and message body text versus recipient names and domains, we're able to detect abnormal behaviour and offer real-time advice that can stop users sharing the wrong information.

That way, you’re fully empowering employees to prevent a breach of security without having to incur the expense of additional training or put restrictions in place that get in the way of productivity.

How message body analysis works

Interrogation of subject line

Interrogation of subject line. Our contextual machine learning examines the content in the subject line against the intended recipient(s) and their domain(s) to check for any anomalies.

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Message content analysis

We also inspect the words and characters within the email message to check for any sensitive data that the user shouldn't send to the given recipient(s) or domain(s).

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Real-time guidance

If there’s no risk to data, then users won’t see a thing. However, should we pick up any abnormal behaviour, an unobtrusive display panel clearly explains the anomaly so they can decide the best course of action. We can also block emails from being sent altogether. 

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Did you know that we also scan data inside attachments? Find out more

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