Secure email content and attachments with Egress Protect

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Make encryption easy for senders

When email encryption solutions are clunky and one-size-fit-all, people end up ignoring them, instead resorting to free online file sharing tools – and that’s just too risky!

We appreciate that email encryption should be easy for everyone. Egress Protect provides simple and customizable options so that employees can encrypt email content and large files in just a couple of clicks, meaning people always keep sensitive data safe and your organization remains compliant.

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Encryption via plug-in or gateway

Employees can easily select the appropriate classification via a customisable menu on the Egress plug-in. Alternatively, the Egress
gateway seamlessly integrates with your existing classification tool, avoiding the need for an Outlook add-in.

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Granular access permissions and controls

With each classification, senders apply varying levels of permissions to control recipient access, such as restrictions on forwarding and
printing, as well as disabling attachment downloads. Digital watermarking is also available.

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Large file transfer

Bypass frustrating SMTP limits and give employees an easy and secure way to protect large files. A simple drag-and-drop experience within Outlook allows people to securely email gigabytes of data without resorting to free, less secure alternatives.

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User-led revocation and post-send controls

Your people can control encrypted emails even after they’ve clicked send. They can edit classification labels, specify message expiry, and even fully revoke access without waiting for approval. Administrators with appropriate permissions can also revoke encrypted emails.

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Government and industry certifications

Our secure email services have been accredited with multiple certifications, including Commercial Product Assurance, FIPS 140-2, and ISO 27001 and 9001.