Avoid recipient pushback with Egress Protect

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Enhance the recipient experience

Traditional encryption solutions rely exclusively on multi-layered authentication techniques, which are fine when recipients want that. But what if your key customers' or partners' experience is harmed by this friction?

There is a different way. Egress Protect offers flexible authentication techniques that meet the needs of your guest recipients, meaning you can transform authentication into a competitive advantage.

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One-click access

Senders can apply a unique, one-time URL that enables trusted guest recipients to seamlessly access sensitive email content without the friction of logging into a secure portal. That way, they avoid pushback from recipients while keeping emails secure.

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Shared secrets

Where the risk appetite is greater, a single password-protected email requires the guest recipient to input a password known only to them and the sender.

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Egress ID

Senders can still request recipients to access sensitive emails via a separate secure portal where they can set up their own Egress account for free.

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Face ID authentication

An additional option for recipients with an Egress username and password to seamlessly access encrypted emails via their device’s Face ID or Fingerprint authentication.