Email the right recipients with Egress Prevent

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Stop emailing the wrong people

People make mistakes like sending sensitive emails to the wrong people. And traditional data loss prevention (DLP) solutions are not intelligent enough to detect these accidents, and instead create huge admin overheads and roadblocks for users.

Egress Prevent uses machine learning that deeply understands a person’s relationships over email so that, when the technology detects any anomalous recipients, it can immediately flag the risk in real-time and avoid a potentially costly security breach.

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Unsupervised machine learning

Our social graph continuously learns relationships over email, including who people email and the types of content they share, and builds a baseline of what ‘normal’ looks like for each person. There are no rules to configure or maintain.

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Real-time feedback and coaching

The Egress shield discreetly alerts people to any risk such as an unusual recipient as they’re composing their email, while an unobtrusive display panel coaches them by clearly explaining why there’s a risk. On-send prompts provide an additional safety net.

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Unobtrusive mobile architecture

Egress Prevent uses a moderation mailbox to flag wrong recipients to mobile or OWA users. Importantly, the technology will never re-route your emails to our own proprietary cloud and infringe upon your privacy.