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Rapid email analytics across your human layer

Egress Analytics gives you granular reporting to drill down into your human layer security posture so that you can rapidly identify vulnerabilities and highlight where breaches have actually been stopped by Egress solutions.

Comprehensive analytics into multiple sources of email risk, including how employees are interacting with Egress advice, provide the visibility you need to proactively monitor risks and safeguard compliance, and then effectively offer clear solutions to senior leadership and the wider business.

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Detailed dashboards

Rapidly identify the number of incidents prevented with simplified datasets. A drop-down menu of different time periods and an interactive timeline also allow you to assess risk levels over time.

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Tracking multiple sources of risk

Gain visibility into specific sources of human-activated threats: misdirected emails; insecure domains; display name impersonation; large recipient lists; multi-domain emails; as well as new, and mis-spelled, aliases

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In-depth reporting

A list of top users, as well as exportable details of all relevant emails, including whether advice was accepted or rejected, allow you to quickly understand how users are interacting with Egress advice over time.

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Fine-grained user analytics

Search for, and analyse, specific individual profiles and rapidly pinpoint where specific employees may need targeted, additional training support.

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