Don't attach the wrong file with Egress Prevent

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Stop emailing the wrong attachments

Traditional data loss prevention (DLP) tools apply one-size-fits-all models to content inspection, resulting in a lot of time-consuming configuration for administrators and noisy false positives for your people.

With Egress Prevent, you supervise the machine learning with customisable policies that train the algorithms on what to look for across any content shared, meaning the technology not only understands context but also immediately flags and reduces more outbound email risks such as wrong content and attachments, conflicts of interest, and data exfiltration.

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Supervised machine learning

We combine DLP technologies with our machine learning to inspect email messages and detect when people are sharing anomalous content with their intended recipients.

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DLP policies

Traditional DLP rules still play a critical role, immediately upholding email information barriers, detecting large recipients lists, and stopping data exfiltration attempts out of the box.

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Risk-free mobile architecture

Our technology will never re-route your emails to a proprietary cloud. Instead, a moderation mailbox allows Egress Prevent to flag wrong content to users on mobile or OWA without putting your sensitive data at risk.

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Dynamic encryption

If the tech spots any sensitive keywords or an expired TLS certificate on the recipient’s end, encryption kicks in automatically to secure sensitive emails and keep data safe.

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Integration with Microsoft Azure Information Protection

Egress Prevent prompts people whenever their emails are about to breach any existing Microsoft AIP sensitivity labels.