Midlothian Council Selects Egress Switch

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London – September 2013

Egress Software Technologies today announces that Midlothian Council has joined the growing list of UK local authorities to select Egress Switch to protect sensitive information shared with external third parties.

Midlothian Council is often required to share sensitive information with external bodies and individuals outside existing secure government networks, such as GSX. Whilst GSX enables the council to communicate securely with central government, the health service and criminal justice organisations, it does not facilitate secure electronic communication with Midlothian’s third party network made up of voluntary, community sector and private sector partners.

Egress Switch’s email and file encryption enables organisations to secure and control the information they share with external third parties. In addition, automated message routing simplifies secure information sharing within a complex network of secure and non-secure systems. Designed to integrate with GSX, CJSM, NHSmail and many other government secure networks, Egress Switch enables messages to be split based upon recipient domains. This means users no longer have to send separate emails to secure and non-secure recipients.

The final project was jointly delivered to Midlothian Council by Egress and security and infrastructure services partner Caretower Ltd.

For more information, contact Rebecca Bailey – Marketing and Communications, Egress Software Technologies:

Tel: 0207 624 8500

Email: rebecca.bailey@egress.com

About Egress Software Technologies

Egress Software Technologies is the leading provider of email and file encryption software, offering innovative on-demand data security to enable organisations and individuals in the Public and Private Sectors to share confidential information with third parties.

Combining on-premise and hosted cloud infrastructure with patented key management, Egress Switch provides a unique community-based licensing model called the Egress Trust Network. The Network is made up of paying and free Egress Switch subscribers, who are able to share information securely with one another using a single global identity. Delivered as a fully managed service, the Trust Network has grown virally to over 500,000 members.

Used by organisations around the world, integrated desktop and mobile applications ensure easy-to-use software, designed to aid compliance and streamline user workflow.

About Midlothian Council

Less than 10 miles south of Edinburgh city centre and with a population of approximately 80,000 people, Midlothian is one of the 32 council areas of Scotland.

Midlothian Council is made up of 18 locally-elected councillors covering six wards (areas). Our councillors make decisions on how to improve local services on behalf of local people. The way in which the councillors make decisions is informed by the ideas of the political parties they represent, and by consultation with local residents.


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