Boston (U.S.) – June 2015 – Egress Software Technologies Inc., a leader in encryption services, today announces the launch of its hosted infrastructure services on Microsoft Azure: 

Whether a government department or multinational enterprise, organisations face the same challenge: How do you share sensitive electronic information internally and externally while maintaining compliance, security and control? For organizations working in highly regulated sectors – including government, financial and insurance services, and private healthcare (where the sensitivity of data is of particular importance) – this challenge sits high on the agenda.

Egress provides hosted and on-premises encryption services, designed to secure all forms of electronic information and delivered to customers in the public and private sectors using a single platform: Egress Switch. The award-winning Switch portfolio of encryption services includes emailfile transferweb form, and the latest online collaboration offering, Egress Switch Secure Workspace.

Egress CTO John Goodyear comments: “Increasingly, we need to be able to offer our customers a truly flexible and scalable solution that can be cloud-based, hosted on-premise or hybrid and can cater to a variety of complex data-sharing and infrastructure needs.” 

“As a result, we have utilized the Azure-hosted platform to help customers encrypt data and files using a combination of services designed to seamlessly integrate with on-premise Exchange or hosted Office 365environments, enabling end-users to share confidential information with improved security using desktop, mobile or web-based applications. Azure lets us quickly and easily deliver our award-winning encryption services so that end-users can benefit from enhanced information security when sharing sensitive data.”

Venkat Gattamneni, Group Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Azure stated: “We are delighted to be able to introduce Egress Switch’s encryption services as a part of Azure. Our focus on collaborations with innovative software technology providers, gives customers the choice of services they demand. Egress already has a proven track record in delivering encryption that protects organizations and their end users from data breaches, plus their continued integration with Office 365 makes the Azure offering a natural fit for us.”

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About Egress Software Technologies 

Egress Software Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of hosted and on-premise encryption services, designed to improve security all forms of electronic information and delivered to customers in the Public and Private Sectors using a single platform: Egress Switch.

Switch utilizes AES 256-bit FIPS 140-2 approved encryption in order to provide the highest level of security for complete end to end data exchange. In the U.S., Switch helps organizations remain compliant with industry and government standards and regulations designed to safe guard sensitive consumer data, including HIPAA and the GLBA.

The award-winning Switch portfolio of products includes Secure Email, Secure File Transfer, Secure Web Form and the latest online collaboration offering, Secure Workspace. Using patented key management, the platform utilizes a unique community-based licensing model known as 'the Egress Trust Network' that consists of paying and free Switch subscribers, who are able share information securely with one another using a single global identity.

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