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Making email security simple

We provide easy-to-use and enhanced security for Office 365, as well as integration with Outlook and mobile apps for emailing on the go. Our intelligent technology automates data breach prevention and encryption to ensure all employees keep data safe and meet regulatory compliance requirements. 

It's free for recipients to use Egress when communicating with your users, and we utilize contextual machine learning to make this as easy as possible for them. We also provide free technical support to your recipients.

Our local government customers include

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Stop email data breaches

We use contextual machine learning to prevent emails and attachments being sent to the wrong recipients - and our software is easy for non-technical employees to use. 

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Comply with data privacy regulations

We prevent email data breaches and automate security for PII to satisfy compliance with regulations including CCPA and the Sunshine Laws.

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Free for recipients to use

Your recipients can read and reply to encrypted messages for free. They can also download our desktop and mobile apps, and contact our technical support engineers.

Delivering real customer value for our customers

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Protecting PII and propriatary data

We make sure emails and attachments are sent to the correct recipients, preventing leaks of constituents' and businesses' PII and proprietary data. We also automate encryption to protect sensitive data when shared with correct recipients, to ensure regulatory compliance. Additionally, our comprehensive reporting means you can detect and mitigate emerging risks. 

We also provide inbound protection for data and files submitted to SLGs, including for Licensing Application Processes. 


  • Prevent data breaches of PII
  • Dynamically apply security relative to risk
  • Comply with regulations, including CCPA and FOI type Acts like the Sunshine Laws
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Enhancing security in Office 365

We help SLG organizations realize the significant cost and efficiency benefits from migrating to Office 365 - without impacting security. 

Our intelligent software overlays their Office 365 environments to prevent misdirected email and encrypt sensitive data to comply with regulations including CCPA and the Sunshine Laws. Our software is also easy and free for recipients to use, and we provide them with free technical support. 

  • Total control over shared data, including email recall
  • Comply with data privacy regulations
  • Free and easy for recipients to use

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