Protect client confidentiality using machine learning

Traditional email DLP technology is no longer fit for purpose for modern law firms. It's unable to create the context required to know when the wrong recipient or incorrect file has been added to an email, and its rigid rules threaten productivity. 

Our intelligent email security platform is designed to preserve client confidentiality and protect sensitive data on email. We use contextual machine learning to immediately understand whether data is being sent to the correct recipient(s) and alert uses to security breaches before they happen.

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Why Egress?

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Protect confidentiality

We ensure client files are only shared with authorized recipients, including enforcing ethical walls for email.

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Reduce user friction

We make it easy for senders and recipients to use our technology, ensuring security doesn't impact productivity. 

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Comply with regulations

Our technology protects personal data to ensure you can comply with global regulations, including GDPR. 

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Intelligent DLP for email

We help law firms solve the problem of data leakage via email to prevent both accidental and intentional breaches.

Our contextual machine learning technology matches recipients with the content in an email body and attachments to prevent client files being shared in error internally and externally. Our technology dynamically learns from individual users’ everyday behavior, and we can also build advanced DLP rules based on established relationships.

  • Maintain confidentiality by preventing data leakage
  • Intelligent security minimizes disruption to users
  • Protect your reputation from email data breaches
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Making email security easy

We understand that people avoid email security tools that are difficult to use, putting data at risk. That's why we use contextual machine learning and advanced DLP to analyse individual users' data sharing patterns. Our helpful prompts are only triggered when data is risk and we can automate the right level of encryption for sensitive information - all of which reduces user fatigue. 

Our Smart Authentication also reduces friction for recipients when opening our encrypted emails. Again, using our contextual machine learning, we determine the level of risk to sensitive data and dynamically adapt authentication to match.  

  • Contextual machine learning tailors security to individual users
  • Automate security to reduce error and employee fatigue
  • Smart authentication minimizes friction for recipients

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