Data Loss Prevention and Email DLP

95% of IT leaders believe their data is at risk – with good reason. Data loss is a daily occurrence and the costs of a breach are only getting higher. Understand the full risk picture and learn how to protect your business with intelligent email DLP.

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How risky is sending a sensitive work email to the wrong person?

When an email has sensitive or personally identifiable data, there can be serious risk to both yourself, your organization, and your organization’s clients.

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Accidentally sent an email to the wrong person? Here's what to do next.

We've all sent an email to the wrong person... find out what you can do right now, and how you can prevent mistakes in the future.

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The next generation of email

When users send emails, Egress determines the level of risk to sensitive data to help them apply the right security, as well as helping them to spot anomalies and identify mistakes.

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Sent an email to the wrong recipient? Email DLP can protect you.

Learn how to protect yourself and your organization from misdirected email.

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You’ve accidentally received a confidential email. What now?

Find out what to do when a confidential email accidentally hits your inbox. 

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Fat finger error: What is it, and how to prevent it

There are few people who have not experienced the sinking feeling caused by making a fat finger error. Haste or inattention can result in sending incorrect information to recipients or sending sensitive information to the wrong people.

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How to recall an email...

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Five reasons you need enhanced email security in Office 365

It’s estimated that 70% of enterprise organisations  will move to Office 365 (O365) by 2021. It’s a robust platform that provides users with a variety of communication and collaboration applications, as well as the ability to save and store.

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DLP Report 2021

Find out more about accidental and intentional data loss, and why the risk is higher in 2021

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Has DLP failed you?

DLP solutions are evolving away from static dlp and more into human layer security.

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DLP & Email DLP Webinars Learn from experts more about data loss prevention and email DLP

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Our DLP solution: Egress Prevent

Find out more about how Egress Prevent can help your organisation.

Contextual machine learning and DLP that stops email data breaches before they happen.

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