Egress unveils Only Human interview series featuring industry experts Jessica Barker, Lisa Forte, and Michael Platt

Industry experts explore every organization’s most complex security vulnerability - its people

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London, UK – 26th August 2021 – Egress has unveiled a new series of free interviews exploring the human element of insider risk, featuring expert voices from the world of cybersecurity and behavioral sciences. The three interviews each cover an element of insider risk, including Why people get hacked, Why people make mistakes, and Why people break the rules. Insider risk is a growing issue for organizations, with recent research by Egress revealing that 94% of organizations have experienced insider data breaches in the last 12 months.

Why do people get hacked? – Jessica Barker and Egress Chief Customer Officer Sudeep Venkatesh

Dr Jessica Barker, a global leader in the human side of cybersecurity, offers insight into what motivates hackers, the social engineering tactics they use to trick their victims, and why people fall for phishing attacks. Together with Egress Chief Customer Officer Sudeep Venkatesh, Jessica also shares advice for organizations on how to protect their people from the evolving threat of targeted phishing attacks.

Why do people make mistakes? - Lisa Forte & Egress Chief Marketing Officer Clint Poole

Lisa Forte, founder of Red Goat Cybersecurity LLP, explores the psychology behind why people make mistakes at work and how these errors can lead to cybersecurity incidents. Lisa also discusses the impact of security mistakes for individuals and organizations, before offering her advice on how to mitigate the risk of accidental insider data breaches.

Why do people break the rules? – Michael Platt and Egress CEO Tony Pepper

Egress CEO Tony Pepper is joined by leading neuroscientist Michael Platt to try to answer a complex question: what motivates people to break their organization’s rules? Michael shares his insight into why people decide to disobey rules, and how this can be influenced by a multitude of factors, including power dynamics and personality types. Michael offers guidance for organizations looking to understand and prevent data breaches caused by insiders who violate security protocols.

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