Retirement of the Egress Windows Phone app

Industry news

As you might know, Microsoft have discontinued support for Windows Phone. The Microsoft Store is also no longer accepting new app submissions and because of this, the Egress Windows Phone app is being retired. We have already ended support for this app, so if you currently use it to access secure content on your mobile, please be aware that we will no longer be updating or making any changes to it.

The Egress Windows Phone app will be removed from the Microsoft Store in August 2019, which is when the Windows Phone 8 App Store service ends.

Using Egress on mobile devices

With the retirement of Windows Phone, you may have started using a different mobile device. Free Egress apps for iPhone and Android are available on the links below, so you can continue sharing sensitive data securely while on move, using Egress’ award-winning and user-friendly encryption tools.

Of course, we have our desktop apps for Windows

If you have any questions about the Egress Windows Phone app retirement please get in touch.

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