What's New: Egress Endpoint Client Release 5.14

Product news

We’re delighted to announce that Egress Endpoint Client 5.14 is now live and available to download. The release contains several innovative features and enhancements, including the following: 

  1. Enhanced functionality for shared mailboxes

Busy teams often set up a shared mailbox as part of an integrated workflow process. Controlling access within shared mailboxes is crucial to protect highly sensitive content which should not be viewable by the whole team.  Egress Endpoint Client enables email encryption at rest within shared mailboxes to protect against this type of data leak. In 5.14, we’ve made improvements to the auditing and access rights mechanisms for secure messages sent to shared mailboxes. 

  1. Performance improvements

A user-centric approach to data security means giving people the tools they need to protect data they share, without putting up barriers to effective and efficient working and collaboration. We constantly look for ways to streamline our secure file sharing workflows.

  1. Enhancements to stability and resilience

Large enterprise organisations use Egress Encryption every day to secure business processes and meet complex compliance requirements. We’ve made stability and resilience enhancements to ensure even more effective scaling when deploying to large user bases.

  1. Risk-based Protection rapid install

Risk-based Protection is our advanced solution that uses machine learning to help protect your business from accidentally sending messages to the wrong person. We have made significant improvements to the underlying architecture to make it faster to install and scale Risk-based Protection across your user estate. We’ve also added reports to make it easy to see exactly where the risk points in your business are.  

Risk-based Protection is available to all our customers now on a trial basis. If you would like to create a free risk assessment for your business, check out our recent webinar, and get in touch.

  • Domain whitelisting for Send Validation

The Send Validation feature of the Client can enforce double-checking and confirmation of recipients and attachments before a user sends an email. It’s another level of user-centric security for email and file sharing. With the new Client, admins can whitelist domains for Send Validation, streamlining communications while providing a safety net whenever it is necessary for protecting shared sensitive data.

About the Egress Client

The Egress Client is the tool that many of our users have on their desktops to enable secure sharing and accidental send prevention directly from Outlook, as well as inline data classification in Microsoft Office.

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