Switch Desktop Client v5.1 Release

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What's new in the Switch Desktop Client?

The latest Switch Desktop Client (v5.1) is available to download now and involves some exciting new features and integrations, including support for Switch Threat Protection, our solution for preventing misaddressed emails.

Read on to find out more about the new release!

Switch Threat Protection

We recently announced the release of Switch Threat Protection, and excitement has been building around the way it can help people ensure they send emails to the right people. Using a combination of machine learning and big data analytics, it can predict when emails have been misaddressed and intervene before the user hits send, stopping data breaches in their tracks.

Desktop Client 5.1 provides support for Switch Threat Protection so licensed users can start benefiting from this leading edge tech and ensure emails go to the right people. 

Inline decryption within Outlook

Secure messages now decrypt and re-encrypt inline within Outlook, so just simply select the secure message you wish to view and it will decrypt within the message preview pane.

Better still, for messages sent with restricted access, the message contents are only visible when hovering the mouse over the message window. Move the mouse away and the contents blur, keeping highly sensitive data secure and readable only by the intended recipient.

Recipients can view documents sent via restricted access within a secure viewer as well, giving the ability to hide the sensitive information by clicking away from the viewer. Senders also get to keep control when they send sensitive documents, with recipients unable to copy/paste or save the content.

Auto-scan classification in Office

Desktop Client 5.1 also includes an update to Switch Email and Document Classifier. You now get the option to scan documents within Word, Excel and PowerPoint and have an appropriate classification automatically recommended based on the content of the document.

Of course, our classification tool is totally customisable so you can control what happens when certain types of information are found, like setting an internal-only classification for documents containing any financial data.

Updated Large File Transfer

Switch Large File Transfer, our solution for securely sending attachments with no file size restrictions, now supports downloading within Outlook, so your recipients can access secure attachments from within the decrypted message window. For senders, there’s no resorting to insecure FTP sites, no need to take unnecessary risks with removable media; simply drag and drop files onto the Large File Transfer sidebar and send securely.

If you’d like to find out more about this new release, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, or contact your account manager.

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