Switch Desktop Client v4.81 Release

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What’s new in the Switch Desktop Client?

The latest Switch Desktop Client (v4.81) is now available to download and includes innovative new features to help users manage the secure content they classify and share. It also features customisable new administration tools to make user admin easier and more effective. As well as these features, Switch Desktop Client v4.81 also includes a fully integrated add-in for Egress Secure Workspace, enabling users to share and save via Workspace directly from the desktop.

New features for users

  • Access lists  – Users can now see which recipients haven’t accessed a secure email, helping them ensure the content is received in a timely manner
  • Support for group mailboxes – View individual user’s actions in the Sent Packages menu, even when sending information to shared mailboxes

For admins: Switch Email and Document Classifier policy management

Our classification solution, which comes as standard with Egress Protect, now gives admins additional powers over how their users classify sensitive content:

  • Set DLP scan save options via policy – Prompt the user to scan or manually choose a classification, automatically scan the document, or alternatively don’t scan at all. These three options can be set individually for Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Allow skipping of DLP scan – Set a policy that determines wait times before a user can skip a DLP scan and how long they have to wait before doing so.
  • Apply default classification – A default label can now be specified via policy so that when a user creates a new document, it will be automatically classified with the chosen label.

Secure file storage and sharing from MS Office and the desktop

Egress Secure Workspace is our secure file storage, sharing and collaboration solution. The add-in lets you open workspace files directly from Office and save them back to a specific workspace zone, as well as sharing and uploading files securely to a zone from the desktop. Additionally, you can also now save and add email attachments to and from Workspace.

A key benefit of the Egress platform is the way all the Switch solutions integrate, providing an effective, holistic approach to data security. With the release of Switch Desktop Client 4.81, this integration becomes even more powerful, as it enables the use of Secure Workspace via the desktop and Microsoft Office.

This integration between desktop working and secure cloud storage is unparalleled and provides seamless next-generation storage and security. The ability to work as usual with Office and Outlook but store documents securely in the cloud – with the standard Switch auditing and customisable user permissions – makes Switch the solution to the modern information security challenge of securing stored data, without hindering collaboration and sharing. Secure Workspace cloud storage can even be located in UK-only data centres (both primary and back-up), helping organisations fulfil all their data security requirements.

For your copy of the release notes for this version, to organise a demo or to simply get more information on Switch Secure Vault, contact the Egress Team. Alternatively, if you already have an Egress Account Manager, simply contact them directly.

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