How to stop sending emails in error

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When you’re working on lots of projects at once and communicating with several third parties, it’s all too easy to make mistakes when sending emails and files. In fact, research carried out by OnePoll on behalf of Egress found that more than one in three workers (35%) admitted to sending an email to the wrong person, while nearly half (46%) have received an email clearly intended for someone else.

Accidentally sending documents such as annotated contracts or financial information to the wrong client could be highly embarrassing and potentially damage an organisation’s and individual’s reputations. So how do you stop it happening? How do you minimise email risk and reduce the effects of human error?

Introducing Send Validation in the Egress Desktop Client

Preventing misaddressed emails requires intelligent, user-friendly software, and with the new features we’re adding to the Egress Desktop Client, you get just that.

We're already using Switch Threat Protection technology to analyse data sharing patterns and alert users to situations where they've added an incorrect recipient to an email or mistyped an email address. But now in the Egress Desktop Client you have the added reassurance of being able to enforce double-checking of recipients and attachments.

Don’t worry about how to recall emails

Turning on the Send Validation feature ensures sensitive information is only sent to authorised recipients, and aids productivity by making sure emails and files get sent to the right recipients every time. Reducing the risk of needing to recall emails in outlook and hence avoiding embarrassment and data loss, Send Validation is all about preventing email mistakes in the first place by:

  • Enforcing validation of any external emails and attachments
  • Making sure the recipients are correct
  • Ensuring emails and files being sent are appropriate

Want to know more? Download the latest Desktop Client and get in touch today about configuring the new sender verification features.

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