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Microsoft Office 365 offers significant benefits to organisations across all industries. We see many businesses move to Office 365 because they understand that the reduced cost, reduced infrastructure requirements, and practically limitless scalability and storage mean that they can be more flexible, powerful and productive than ever before.

Nonetheless, many organisations have concerns around the security of data stored in and released from the Office 365 environment.

No organisation wants to expose their employees and customers to the risks involved in the failure to take appropriate care when working in the cloud. When work is stored elsewhere, shared more easily and collaborated upon, it’s harder to maintain control and keep track of sensitive data – even more so if you’re not in control of your own encryption keys. Moving to Office 365 also poses increased difficulties when it comes to compliance, especially with the EU GDPR changes incoming.

Using Egress Switch alongside Office 365 is the perfect partnership: comprehensive, user-friendly data security that integrates perfectly with the cloud hosted mail services that Office 365 provides.

Total control with encryption at rest in Office 365 environments

Switch addresses the above concerns to provide a highly integrated and scalable security solution within Office 365 environments, securing email and file data at rest, both in the cloud and on any endpoint device. Providing true end-to-end encryption for Office 365 environments, the Switch Outlook Add-in reassures users that their data is secure. This encryption at rest is also available via Outlook Web Access and mobile apps.

Furthermore, in uncertain times, and with a constantly changing political and regulatory landscape, it’s more important than ever to maintain control of your encryption keys, and hence be in control of providing access to your sensitive data. Switch gives you this power while using Office 365, meaning you always have the final say over who has access to your data. Encryption can be configured by classification as well, enabling you to automatically secure your most sensitive information and treat different kinds of data in specific, secure ways.


Helping users secure their data

The Switch platform, working with Office 365, adds vital functionality for securing email and maintaining control:

  • Revoke access. Remain in control, even after sensitive data has left your network. Being able to revoke access to emails at any time, and reject access requests from any unwanted recipients, means that your data is accessible only by authorised recipients.
  • No file size restrictions. By integrating seamlessly into Outlook, Switch enables users to send secure emails and attachments, with no file size restrictions.
  • Easy for recipients. Even when communicating with people outside the organisation, data exchange is kept secure and simple, thanks to the recipient’s ability to sign up and reply for free, using their existing email address, without even having to download any software.

Auditing, reporting and data intelligence

Lack of auditing functionality is a critical barrier to adoption of Office 365 in the enterprise space. Being able to audit the sensitive data flowing in and out of the organisation is crucial for compliance and control. Being kept in the dark, not being able to see who is sending sensitive data unprotected, leaves businesses especially vulnerable to data breaches. With Switch you can be sure that all sensitive data can be tracked and protected as it flows in and out of the network.

The Switch platform also provides secure archiving and classification tools for maintaining compliance without compromising on control of data security and privacy. Even when emails are encrypted, with Switch Secure Vault you can still perform compliance-based searches, run email audits and generate analytics, bypassing the usual hindrances to simultaneous archiving and email encryption.

Cloud security confidence with real-time control

With Switch deployed, organisations can be sure that their sensitive data is protected as it is shared, edited and created within hosted environments and mailboxes.

It can even encourage enterprise organisations to move to a hosted mail service, because they have the reassurance that data security and compliance is still maintained, they keep control of their sensitive data, and they can be confident of secure messaging uptake since Switch integrates perfectly into their existing working habits.

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